Balance Scorecard

eStrategia implements Balance Scorecard framework to balances financial measures with performance measures and objectives related to all other parts of the organization.

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Measures that Drive Performance

eStrategia enables organizations to monitor and manage performance metrics and strategy implementation to achieve future goals. It puts your strategy map, performance measures, related initiatives, and other dashboards at your employee’s fingertips. It automates the reporting process and eliminates all the complex spreadsheet maintenance needed for data normalization and composite index creation. Automation adds structure and discipline to balanced scorecard implementation and helps communicate performance information. In short, automation helps people make better decisions because it offers quick access to actual performance data.

More features to help you create the Perfect Strategy

Unlimited Strategic Plans

Create as many connected strategic plans as you like for different parts of your organization.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Need to capture specific information for Projects? Add any combination of fields to any template.

Strategy Exports

Export your complete strategy to either PDF or Excel to share it offline with other people.

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