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eStrategia disseminates your organization’s overarching strategy throughout the organization and create supporting strategies throughout the entire value chain of activities in the enterprise to ensure that execution occurs.

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Cascading your Strategy Made Easy

eStrategia equipped the management in taking the wheel to drive their strategy in the direction they want. By cascading the strategy through the various departments and sections to reach the employees level. The system will empower the management to navigate the strategy by directing each employee priorities and govern all this practice through a solid real time dashboards and reporting mechanism to ensure every employee is on the path toward the end goal.

More features to help you create the Perfect Strategy

Unlimited Strategic Plans

Create as many connected strategic plans as you like for different parts of your organization.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Need to capture specific information for Projects? Add any combination of fields to any template.

Strategy Exports

Export your complete strategy to either PDF or Excel to share it offline with other people.

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